Jr Writer Lyrics

Jr Writer Lyrics

From the Album Politics And Bullshit (2008) (buy at amazon.com)
Politics And Bullshit
Hate On Me

From the Album Writer's Block 5 (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
Writer's Block 5
Where You At

From the Album Writer's Block 4 (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
Writer's Block 4
Live From The Kitchen
Critically Acclaimed
What Set You Claim
Over Drive
Back In The Lab
Cover Shot

From the Album Writer's Block III (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
Writer's Block III
Welcometo Greatness
Take Notes
Grill 'em
What You Know About Crack
We Gettin' Money Ova Here
Serious Business
I'ma Real O.G.
Pussy Nigga

From the Album History In The Making (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
History In The Making
To Be A Diplomat
My Life
Take Notes
Grill 'em
Riot Pump
Byrd Call
Put You On
High Music
Why Try
Thats A Bet

Other Songs:
A.R. Writer
Biggie Freestyle
Birdcall (Remix)
Get Em' (Daddy Remix)
Getting Money
Man Up
New Blood
Ready 2 Fight
Yall Aint Ready
You're Done (Tru Dyke)

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