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Yall Aint Ready Lyrics
Listen Im The Rocky Of Rockies Who Could Stop Me Im Cocky Ya Flow Sloppy Ima Mix Up Some Pock And Kadokphy

Copy A Notsy Ocky A Ocky Pop Me A Shotty Watch Me

When I See Ya Posey Ima Reach 4 The Pumpa Couple Feet To Jus Plung Ya

You'll Put Ya Hands Up Like I Leap 4 A Jumpa

I Am Nethier A Fronta Go To Sleep With The Thunda Im The Reason Niggas Weavin This The Heevlin From Unda

Get Ya Vest Get Ya Gat (Gat)
Get Ya Weapons And Pack (Pack)
Get Ya Tech And Ya Mack (Mack)
Ya Protection Is Wack (Wack) Or Jus Duck If U Aint U Lil Suckas Will Faint High Grip Spit And Buck Till My Muscles Is Sprank

When U Bustas Jus Cant Unbutin And Spank

Boxed In Boxed Out Like Im Up In The Paint

I Hier Shooters 2 Fire Rugers And Tie Up Loosers Fry Madola's Hit Ghost Then Fly To Cuba

Drag Mc To See Leave His Ass By A Rubba Like Hi Adolla
Click Click

Im Like Booker T Naw Nigga Push Ya Teeth Time 2 Time I Grind Some Clips That Will Push Ya Teeth

Try And Look 4 Me I Play The Woods Wit Ease Thats A Desert Mass Leva's In The Bush And Trees

Yall Aint Really Ready Nope Yall Aint Really Ready Nope Yall Aint Really Ready Nope

Yall Aint Really Ready Nope Yall Aint Really Ready Nope Yall Aint Really Ready Nope

Yo! Listen Doggy On 20 Inches Shoes Thats How The Lincon Move Dog My Pipins Smooth

Not Infants Shoes When U Hear Me Talkin Bout The Boys Stainin Some Booties Jus Like Infants Duty

Duude I Had Enoghf U Shoot Stab And Wat? U Dont Bag A Buck U Dont Bag Or Buck

It Aint Mad Enoghf How Yall Pop Shit But Like A White Gurl Up In The Club U Jus Cant Back It Up

Bitch Faggot Wat? I Hear U Niggas Yea U Nigga Picture Me Fear U Niggas Yea Rite U Gonna Air Who Nigga I Couldnt See Myself Backin Down Even From A Reaviews Mirra

Dis The Gossip 4 Gossipa Rockets 4 Rockita's Move Bitch To Sick I Done Popped A Thernometer

Im Jus A Rockin Dats Rockin Ya Poppin Thats Poppin Ya Ask Poppin I Was Poppin Shit Ock In The Gothica

Or Evil Canieval Send People To See U To Breest And Beatles Wit Needles Stop Feed U To Deesel Leave U Like We Do Feedle Beat U Leap Through And See U Lay In The Gutta Brother Make U Eat Wit The Weesals Shit

Got Dam Im Hot Look At The Landin Drop High Land On Drop On Dishes On Pans And Pots

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