Jr Writer, Hell Rell - New Blood Lyrics

Jr Writer, Hell Rell Lyrics

New Blood Lyrics
Respect my G pass as class greek pass.
I'm doin real good but still got my ski mask.
And them black gloves is right in my back pocket.
So that means no prints on the rugger when i pop it.
Being gangsta i made it cool, watch how i spray the tool.
I beat ya girl in march, made you da aprils fool.
Whole month of may extursion fed my goons.
I had some beef in may, but it was dead by June.
Old rappers aint nothin but old rappers.
They be like "what up rugger" i dont even know these rappers.
And they still stuck in the 80's, wearing rope chains they lame the game need some new blood baby.
I'm to good crazy, Jeans cost about a thousand.
Dutch juice by the gallons, I'm heavy on that Allen.
I just sent 50 scalpels up the c-73.
If you come my house locked up nigga its cause of me.
And everyone of yall that say something bout the Set.
Yall gettin shot cause i aint finished loadin up yet.
And that true dude he aint really true dude.
Give em half of the clip cause im in a good mood.
I do this by myself i dont need no boost, this rap game is gettin to loose.
I'm only makin room for Papoose, so everybody mixed up put ya neck in a noose and jump off a roof.
And Styles P nah i aint comin for ya spot
I feel im the hardest out whether you like it or not.
And i bust a brick open, sit it right on da pot
I get da cookin then get right to the block (OKAY)
The clips is banana's, when it come to the hammers
Im probably the reason ya projects is puttin up camera's.
Im runnin threw there (squeezin) No you cant stand us.
But now you understand us, our cars got camera's.
And im talkin to you and ya man is my otha son
Rock two chains one jealous of the otha one.
And i fly lairs who eva said lifes fair?
F*ck Iraq im going to war right here!
Bullet-proof paddies, i turn down limo's.
I watched Duke Da God play frisbee wit ya demos.
We aint signin nobody the book is closed
But we'll sell you some blow if you play wit ya nose!

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