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Hate On Me Lyrics
I know I know
Hate on me, I mean why wouldn't you?
It's motivation baby
Hate on me man

Uh uh, I've been a hound
You know how I get around {how? }
200 on the dash this is how the engine sound
I love to see 'em {hate on me}
The best alive, holing hecklin high {high}
You ever ever ever try a dot on your top like the letter I {blah}
That's how your hiefer cry
Any time I'm stepping by {by}
I know you've been on a plan but you ain't never 'fly' {never}
What's to rectify? {Huh}
These little niggas wouldn't test a guy
They rather testify
To a f.b.I.
Test me why?
When I'm getting heavy bucks {bucks}
And s.s.I. Is the only checks you ever cut {cut}
Get your cheddar up
This niggas I don't know for nothing {what? }
Said he run around acting like I owe him something {I don't care}
I don't know you buzzin'
Where you know me from? {Huh}
You lived on the same block?
You ain't the only one {listen}
What are you slow or dumb?, homie I'm ruthless
I think he slow and dumb, overall stupid {stupid}
Overall clueless
I do this to dadle
I'm crack boo, they should come and stick me in a capsule
But they rather just {hate on me}
Take me out the capsule, the strip is gona sizzle
They harass and harass you the kid is on his grizzle {grizzle}
Pimpin' I'm official {official}
What city I ain't been through? {Huh}
I travel so much it's like when is he gona dribble?
These niggas worry bout what records that flop
But you ain't never hit the shelves, how much records you got? {Huh}
Labels don't want your ass cuase your records ain't hot {no}
Me I'm like maywether, I ain't never been dropped {ding ding}
Little clowns a mess
Get around the set
Cuase you rookies are cookies when you around the vet
When I get down to stress
I go get a pound to sess
I got a box of connect
He Pound for pound the best

Heh like I said man, you could hate on me
It's motivational baby, haha
I'm a keep getting that money
And uhh
You jerks couldn't reach
This turf that I creep
You weak
Nigga you don't hear I'm hurting this beat
I guess that's why they {hate on me}
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