Jr Writer - Pussy Nigga Lyrics

Jr Writer Lyrics

Pussy Nigga Lyrics
Oh oh you already know what it is man (You already know)
JR Writer (Yessir)
Writer's block (It's what it is)
You hear them shots (You hear them)
Get low faggot (Blah)
You ain't real
You know you's a (Pussy nigga)
Yea man (Pussy nigga)
Don't front for me (Pussy nigga)
I see them skirts (Pussy nigga)
Little pussy ass niggas (Pussy nigga)
Is that Victoria Secret under that? (Pussy nigga)
Stop lying man (Pussy nigga)
You ain't killing nobody (Pussy nigga)
Who you murdered (Pussy nigga)
F*ck out of here (Pussy nigga)
We grown man over here homes (Pussy nigga)
Get your weight up (Pussy nigga)
We on some other shit (Pussy nigga)
I don't f*ck with pussy niggas (Pussy nigga)
Stop talking slick (Pussy nigga)

Yo I keep the oozie beam, in my Kool G. jeans
Coup de lean make the groupies scream
I don't shine em, these are really brown diamonds
No I don't need my jewelry clean, I usually gleam
Tooly steam (Blat), Blaaat, for some lu ink green
The drop noxious, put the actor in a box office, if he try to make a movie scene
The scooby's mean, busters aren't, me so purple a couple of barnes
F*ck it, I'm hard, duck when I barge, you far from a G, Yup you're a broad
Plusle your squad, know if they step out load up the tech, buck em from far
F*ckin' with ours, them doljahs get stretched or go for the deck like they cutting some cards
It must be dust in the jars, cracky you smoke
If this cat is a joke, than get slapped with the toast, put some cap in your coat
It's a wrap if you're close, better back up or float
Float, float that's what happens to most
Get dragged up the coast, feet wrapped up in ropes, roll through the shores
Just know if it's war you get thrown overboard off a back of a boat

Pussy nigga
Pussy, pussy nigga
Pussy nigga
Pussy, pussy nigga
Pussy nigga
Pussy, pussy nigga
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