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Get Em' (Daddy Remix) Lyrics
See The Problem Is I Aint Going Nowhere
U Could Shoot At Me, You Could Stab At Me, Take Ya Best Shot,
Suck A Di*K No Homo

[Hell Rell]
My Flow Is Novacane, My Ballz Is Hurricanes, I Got Hella Cane
Mac In Da Melon Range
Hop Out Its Shellz Exchanged, I Wanna See Deez Niggaz Die, Die Make Dey Momz Feel Hella Pain
Walk Around Like I Got A Broom In My Pants, Thatz A F*ckin A.K., Heavy Tool In My Pants. Damn, Man Deez Cowards Betta Stay
In Dey Land, And If Dey Aint Gettin Da Picture It Aint In Da Frame
V V S Stay In My Chain, They In My Range.
U Mustav Wrote Ya Will Already If U Sayin Our Names Hell Rell Mr. Rooga Rooga, Imma Shoota Shoota U Hung Wit Da Girls U
Double Dutch A Hoola Hoopa, Hop Skip Ina Jumpin Lock Clickin And Chumpin, Glock Clickin And Dumpin Itz Da Mike.

[Jr Writer]
Im Quite Known Nice Crome A Cyclone Niggaz (Bratt) Site Blown Right On, My Whit Stone Splitter Left Hand Bling, Da Right
Palm Shiver. Stalion Madalion An Ice Cold Picture Da White Stone Flipper, Dat White Tone Nice Home Gettin Rid Of Da Weight
Like Lipo Mister (Mister) Dis Syco Is Sicker Dat At Crackin Ya Pen You Got A Rat As A Friend Like Michael On Thriller
(Stupid). This Aint Nothin To Me, A Scrapper At His Best, No Rapper Could Impress Man Im Crack Right Out Da Jetz U Rappin
Indirect, But Its Lookin Like A Movie Shoot How Dey Sendin All Deez Feindz Actin At The Set

[Jim Jones]
It Goes Det Em Daddy. (Goonies!) Told Niggaz Dey Sick And Flabby. Young Fly Rich And Every Nigga Wit Me Pack Keys (Get Em
Daddy) Somebody Snappin Pictures At Me, Plus I Know I Got Da Fbi Sick Of Me. Da Cach Da Juelz And How We Buy Exquisite
Things, Dont Get Ya Brain Fried To A Frickin Seed. My Vest And My Heater Reffuler Reefa And Ya Boy Stay Fly Like He Was
Dressin For Easter. A Big Bachoyte Capo Da Hefey Back And Forth For A Court Case Den Drop On Expressway. Itz Dipset
Birdgang We Fly High And Charge Da G4 We Gettin High In Da Sky.

Im Honk Honk Randy Savage Pa Backlin Ha Ha Who Dey Think They Car Jackin Dumpin And Dump I Slump Den I Slump Dey Mad My
Car Is Like An Elephant Da Trunk In Da Front. See Ya Doobey Act Ha A Six Threw Me Back A Few Dey Clapped, But I Ate Those,
Dem Shitz Was Scooby Snacks. I Aint See Starz Imma G Pa. Through Tha Lam In Six Drove To Da Er. Had To Make It Hot Feel
Like Pac I Know Itz Set Up Dem Old Niggaz Know Im Bout To Take Dey Spot. Aint No A, B I O U. Y B Gotta Get Em Up Im I C U
Like I C U At Da Bp Shot Em Off Gp Gunned From Va, Pa, Down To Dc. Doa If U Short Up On My Pc. C 74 Switched Em Over To Bc
Like Chuck B We Da 06 Pe Me Why Im In A 06 Gt. (Get Em Daddy) All About Dem G'z B, We Da Bg Birdgang, Dipset, Dip C. Like
Krs1 The Great Bdp. U Wanna Join Da Crew Den U Must See Me Flee. Get Em Daddy (Got Em Mommy, U Might Got Somebody, Cuz I
Back Man Wit Da Puff Johnny, Johnny), (Honey Smile, Dont Act Funny Style, In One Ear Yeah, Yeah 200 20,000)

[Jim Jones Talkin]
Yeah U Heard What He Said We Still Ballin Dem Shitz Was Scooby Snacks, But Repacussions In A Maf*cka, When We Catch Dat
Ass Flatline Bitch. A Killa We Back Tell Dem Da City Iz Ourz
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