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Welcometo Greatness Lyrics
Yo writer you ready to do this s***
We can't wait no longer the time is now
That's what you been training for right
We gon run down on all these ni****
Anybody not wit us is against us
Show these ni**** you in shape
Show these ni**** you ready for business
Let these ni**** know how it's gon be in Writer's Block Part 3

[Mike Tyson speeches while J.R. Writer speaks]

[J.R. Writer]
Get in tune with the maiden
Pricks ya movement is basic
Plus it's about time I introduce you to greatness
Volume 1, Volume 2, now buckle for 3
You wouldn't know what fire is if it wasn't for me
I am ruthless of the game
This goobie is insane
I'm sick kid switch gears lose em in the lane
It's blueish in my chain
They sick of my style glissining style ants notice risk me to plow
I've been piff for a while
That is strickly to cal
I'm cheesing even though you can't get me to smile
You can diss for a thou. then land in a big box mirk em
I don't care if its damaging hip-hop
Understand that my s***s hot
Pricks stop and myth ock
You crackle like slippers everything you flip-flops!
This is it watch clips I load it
Shift with soldiers ya whole d*** clique is-bogus!
This here I knit and sowed this
So if you step outta ya place
Better show me an eviction notice
I'm the s*** ya noticed
You cowards need to stop
I came from where the fiends crowded up the block
Spent hours in the spot
With cracks to cook no athlete's foot
But I still stuff the powder in the sock
I'm styling on the cops they can't stop or raid em
Cause they know that sun maid like a box of raisins
There's been lots of hating but this is that season
That the rap heivlin give em a a** beating
So just for that reason Imma clip em
To show em I aint gotta be with em for me to flat leave em

[J.R. Writer speaks]
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