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Change Lyrics
This purple be having me in a storm man
Thinking bout a whole bunch of shit man
Lemme get this off my chest real quick

Well this rap shit {what}
Has certainly changed
How could it ever work for these lames?
Duck-hunt, with all these birds in the game
That's word to my gang
D-I-P you heard what I claim?
Writer mayne
Hottest thing on this turf and terrain
I luagh
You ain't as great as you think
You hear that?
That's me laughing all the way to bank
Come play in the paint
I've been a pro
If it ain't a give and go {what's that? }
I see it like it buy it, that what I call a pick and roll
Dig though, I'm eating chump
I don't need to front
For prjoects with the weeks and months
I ain't take a breather once {no way}
It's easy punk, I'm top the line
Rhyme for rhyme
Couple rocks, and a watch, ock that means it's time to shine {bling}
Little guys behind
But check it I'm a ride for mine
If I was super man the S'll be a dollar sign {Ching}
I ain't lying, I be styling creep
How I'm cheap?
When seven days a week I'm fresher than a bounty sheet {fresh}
The bounty hunters couldn't find this little town I creep
My lounge discreet
Some of my niggas meet me down the street {word}
They hound the beast on some star struck shit {how}
Cameras out like britney spears on a startbucks trip {flick}
Get your bars up prick
Uh understand me these queers are candy {candy}
Throwing jabs but your oscar wearing panties
I dare you trannies get R uh mad
I'll carve the fag {why}
Your album trash
The next one should come in garbage bags
Little garbage ass could never be a diplomat
Your shit is wack
It's a fact
You bastards always been in jack {swag}
I get a cat to bring a ration where you living at
Get your clappers, swing around the plastic like a wiffle bat {click clat}
Now that's a christmas wrap
Go head with the chitter chat
We'll chitty chitty bang bang all over your fitted cap {blaow}
The kid is back drowning the mic
It's the king kiss the ring niggas bow to the nice
How I ain't nice?
I style for real {real}
That's really how I feel {feel}
I turned a street mixtape into a album deal
I'm bout them bills
So until I touch em millions boo
I'm a puff a splif or two
And f*ck up my perifials
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