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Where You At Lyrics
Who shaper?, there isnt any harder{no}
You feeling me a R uh, ain't no getting any further {than what? } than this
Banana clips, it's a military armour
That'll take your wig off like a military barber {BLAH}
When I clap clap clap that ass {BLAH}
Put the mac on him fast {clap clap}
Make em' forget about turn you a "blast from the past" {ha}
That's just half of the math
I'll pop your casket and laugh
Put money in the bag, now that's a "bag full of cash" {chi-ching}
Check this swagger I flash
It'll make the party riot {riot}, soon as I step in the spot you see I'm harlems flyest {writer! }
I'll get you off, you try it
While I'm at the furthest highest {how? }
I don't lift a joint, you swear I'm getting off a writers
A make your broad excited, how a nigga cuase a crisis {yo}
Your tuning to the future there's no need to call a psychic {nope}
I apes on the track, you playing with scraps
Listen pidgeon what I cater is crack
Take a pack and relax

Face the facts I'm a ape on the track
With major stacks, paper stacked
Ain't no greater with raps
That hate the cat but face the scrap
The boys' playing with crack
'cuase I'm a striaght diplomat
Ain't no greater than that
Now where you at eastside
Where you at westside
Where you at southside
Where you northside
Where you at? I wanna see who repping in here
It don't matter where you from put your set in the air

I'm where the paper at
The paper stack
Major scratch
The dough look
Thicker than the notebook
That's what I call a paperback
Face the facts I'm a don, so any nigga faking jax
I'll lay a stack, and turn his f*cking fitted {what? } to a paperhat {BLAH}
Take a nap
Later scrap
You ain't know the bread was major? {huh}
My accountant passing bills like a legislature {thank you}
That's why I step in gators pissing of these effin haters
They yelling step it up, my flow is on a escalator
Co-come contest a player
Yours is on a respirator {helpless}
There ain't a set that's greater
Doggie we some regulators {was good? }
Who beat who?, see us boo {you see us}
I ain't the only 'g' my pockets is g'd up too {chi-ching}
My clips can clean up crew, I'll send that clean up through
Than send some shots and clean the block on that 3+5 {what's that? }
That's a five, sitting high on them big dogs I'm sinking {who? }
All day in the class like the kid cuaght detention

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