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Biggie Freestyle Lyrics
I Was Cooped 4 Hours Them Coops Was Ours Juice And Power Higher Then The Roofs On Towers While U Dealt All That Fluke
And Soured I Bottled The Roc Up But Was Used To Powder Roll Wit Pits That Will Chew U Chihuahuas  And Air It Out Even If
Its Grouped And Crowded Ill Nuke Ur Showers Ur Groups A Cowards And Leave Ur Momswit A Stoop Of Flowers I Aint Inna Hard
Work Im Inna Hard Work Dog Even That Wasnt Even Hard Work U Need Star Seach Apollo Ameature U Not In My League Stay Out Of
Jr's Peramiter Bars Would

Damage Ya Scare And Bandage Choked Up Roped Up Somwhere Far In Canada U Jus Mad That My Squad Iz Handlers And When Bitches
Spot Us They Charge Wit Cameras U Far Then Manada Boss Or Don Im Consecutive Wit This Yall Of And On Im Off Then Onyes J Is
Fiercin Meet Up Wit Killa Ran Up On Dave Mcfiercin Hit Cam Phone Like Where U Headed This Evenin I Heard U On The Mournin
Show Lets Set Up A Meetin Ur Man Jr. Wanna Get Up And Meet Him Next Day We Was On Our Way Headed 2 See Him Uh Let Me Think
Bust It New Bo Jacksons Ur Bo Outfit Mink Jacket Mink Bucket F*ck It Im Beyond Ur Emo Thats How I Ran Up In The Office No
Songs Or Demo Hello Like 2 Freestyle So Much I Spit A Thosand Every Other Line Had Em Like This Kid Is Wallin'all Them
Artists I Got 4get About Em B2k I Dont Give A Shit About Em This The Future Here Somthin U Can Hear 24's 32's This Boy 2
Servere I Let The Ruger Fleer U Dolers Queer Will Leave U Losers Wheer U Need Scuba Gear This The Youngin Youngins Yes The
Runs Iz Runnin The Bullets Is Bullets The Gun Is Gunnin Uh
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