Jr Writer - Cover Shot Lyrics

Jr Writer Lyrics

Cover Shot Lyrics
(feat. Fred Money)

[JR Writer:]
Uhh uhh, okay
Let's get at 'em man, W-B 4, uhh (woo~!)

My fifth's on cock, so piss off ock
So kick on rocks, I lick off shots that pick off - cops
My whip all drop to piss on blocks
Jerry Springer ain't seen this many ripped off tops
Watch, the kid go pop and shit don't stop
I get those chopped, cripsy them my Diplo socks
Ha ha, I'm just so hot, your kid go flop
Third week I make 400 thou' just off Koch
Watch, me get off yachts, or shift on stop
You lil' hooligans can never fill the big bro slot
Big ol' glock, stashed up in that big ol' spot (where)
Right across from the lake where the ship gon' dock
This ship don't clock, my strip on lock, kick on knot
Drivin through bangin out that big Porsche box
Look, you lil' queers puzzle who ain't never near double (never)
Flip what, shit, you don't even ear hustle
A merry wheel of muscle, uptown, downtown
Out of town, around town, I put you where the ground's brown (6 feet)
We the livest dog, you better abide your boss
Only way you pullin out on me is if you drivin off (where at)
In your ride of course, f*ck if you a thug or not (f*ck you)
I'm from a gutter block, you will get your mother popped
Infrared at your head, let me see you duck the dot
All in front of the mag, and I don't mean the cover shot

[Fred Money:]
Blaow! It's too late for your will
My goons like sharks, they can't wait for a kill
Catch you makin moves, then I make you move steel
Underground like where they find them old movie reels
Doggie dog chill, you ain't seein no mills
Your neck turnin green cause your ice ain't real
Ballin, so don't get thrown like these bills
My bird in the bucket have that Mo' on chill
Stainless steel, the youngest in my whole crew
Always on known stoops or hoppin out foreign coupes
Got my watch and I wave it out the sunroof
Just showin haters that I shine like the sun do
Some do, shine but not like this one do
Stacks in my pockets, makin 'em look dumb hues
Tried to tell 'em that they f*ckin with a lit fuse
Mission Impossible, and you ain't Tom Cruise
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