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Jr Writer Lyrics

Zoolander Lyrics
[scratched: "J.R. Writer"]

Uhh, Grease, a f*ckin animal man
I belong in the zoo with the rest of 'em
J.R. Writer, DipSet let's do it man, yo

[Verse 1:]
My mathematics smash it, I bag it pack it
A packer's pass to the crackers, the bastard's actin erratic
A static half of a savage to have it back in they cabbage is 'matic
After they had it and add it, back to the attic - faggot
Ask I'm the baddest of baddest, gather your baddest of rampers
Scrampers to clampers don't matter, half of them bastards I'll splatter
Cap in his bladder, you'll stagger, mac to a 'matic he's platter
I'll feel for 'em (slow down son you're killin 'em)
Uhh, yeah, the kid with the thunder, slip from up under
The stunner, runner runner fronter, just admit I'm a gunner (blaow!)
I've been itchin all summer, just a quick'll a gun ya
With some shit you couldn't pump out if you was hit wit a plunger
I do this shit cause I wanna, not to sit in a Hummer (what?)
I've been sicker than Wonder, who's been sick since he was younger
The game's missin its hunger, cause I'm that other flare others fear
I don't wanna hear (slow down son you're killin 'em)
Cause I'ma rippity rap, rip up and rap, rip in a rap
Rap in a writ, rip like a mystery pack
That still rip when he rap, rippin was rap, rappin is rip
No cuts, rips in my wristery wrap scrap
Pic, picture me back into these cats who grill and they grill
But they wouldn't do diddly jack
I'm still a G, kill a G, artillery pack
Bring my Biggie fiend back (slow down son you're killin 'em)

[scratched: "Who wanna mess with me"]
[scratched: "Ask I'm the baddest"]

[Verse 2:]
Yo; I'm a menace clown listen now, I grip the pound and get it down
You'll be a missin kitten and sniffin the scent of hound
That leaves the ditch to found, captain is capped, blap blap
F*ck if you new in town, you'll still get around
I keep the addicts in attics while I traffic the order
I done packaged the package then got it back through the border
You need practice with package your stacks are stackin up shorter
Crackheads say I give 'em flashbacks of Rich Porter (whoa)
But I'm past that, give 'em back Lassie or daughter
You can't flip a thing, you're ass-backwards with water
Ask faggot I'm scorcher, f*ck your security
I got cats that'll pat pat them and off ya
Soon as I pass 'em the offer they'll ditch the G
Flick the flea a mystery the rest'll just be history
Yeah I'm glistery, it don't have you seasick
but just turn into somethin you'll be sick to see
Bling blaow, rings wow, check around the ring dial
Blue Smurfs, hit em where it hurts, ping pow
I'm p-p-past you I'll pass you, no cats could battle this battle
With all that babble you babble, you said you passed who I'll smack you
You hit the gravel I'm a movin menace
Youse a gimmick, get abused in the fewest minutes
1-2 I'm finished, have a group of tenants
on the side yellin (slow down son you're killin 'em)


This is easy
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