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From the Album In My Soul (2014) (buy at
In My Soul
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Fine Yesterday
Your Good Thing (Is About To End)

From the Album Nothin But Love (2012) (buy at
Nothin But Love
(Won't Be) Coming Home

From the Album This Time (2009) (buy at
This Time
Chicken In The Kitchen
I Can't Fail
Love 2009
That's What Keeps Me Rockin'
This Time
To Be True
Forever Goodbye
Trouble And Pain

From the Album Twenty (2005) (buy at
Poor Johnny
That Ain't Love
Does It Really Matter
Fadin' Away
My Last Regret
It Doesn't Show
I'm Walkin'
I Know You Will
I Forgot To Be Your Lover
Two Steps From The End

From the Album Time Will Tell (2003) (buy at
Time Will Tell
Up In The Sky
Back Door Slam
I Didn't Know
Your Pal
Lotta Lovin'
What You Need (Good Man)
Spare Some Love
Distant Shore
Time Makes Two

From the Album Shoulda Been Home (2001) (buy at
Shoulda Been Home
Baby's Arms
Already Gone
Love Sickness
I'm Afraid
No One Special
Out Of Eden
Cry For Me Baby
Far Away
Renew Blues
Help Me Forget
The 12 Year Old Boy

From the Album Take Your Shoes Off (1999) (buy at
Take Your Shoes Off
Love Gone To Waste
That Wasn't Me
All The Way
There's Nothing Wrong
24-7 Man
Let Me Know
It's All Gone
Won't You Give Him (One More Chance)
Living Proof
What About Me
Tollin' Bells

From the Album Sweet Potato Pie (1997) (buy at
Sweet Potato Pie
Nothing Against You
Do That For Me
Back Home
The One In The Middle
Little Birds
Trick Or Treat
Simple Things
Jealous Minds
Not Bad For Love
I Can't Quit

From the Album Some Rainy Morning (1995) (buy at
Some Rainy Morning
I'll Go On
Steppin' Out
Never Mattered Much
Tell The Landlord
Little Boy Big
Enough For Me
Jealous Love
Will You Think Of Me
Holdin' On

From the Album Shame + A Sin (1993) (buy at
Shame + A Sin
1040 Blues
Some Pain, Some Shame
I Shiver
You're Gonna Need Me
Don't Break This Ring
Stay Go
Leave Well Enough Alone
Passing By
I'm Just Lucky That Way
Up And Down

From the Album I Was Warned (1992) (buy at
I Was Warned
Just A Loser
I'm A Good Man
I Was Warned
The Price I Pay
Won The Battle
On The Road Down
A Whole Lotta Pride
A Picture Of A Broken Heart
He Don't Live Here Anymore
Our Last Time

From the Album Midnight Stroll (1990) (buy at
Midnight Stroll
The Forecast Calls For Pain
These Things
My Problem
Labor Of Love
Bouncin' Back
The Things You Do To Me
Walk Around Time
Move A Mountain
Holdin' Court
Midnight Stroll

From the Album Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark (1988) (buy at
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Don't You Even Care?
Your Secret's Safe With Me
I Can't Go Home
Night Patrol
Acting This Way
Gotta Change The Rules
Across The Line
At Last
Laugh Out Loud

From the Album Strong Persuader (1986) (buy at
Strong Persuader
Smoking Gun
I Guess I Showed Her
Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
Nothin' But A Woman
Still Around
More Than I Can Stand
Foul Play
I Wonder
New Blood

From the Album Showdown! [with Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland] (1985) (buy at
Showdown! [with Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland]
T-Bone Shuffle
The Moon Is Full
Lion's Den
She's Into Something
Bring Your Fine Self Home
Black Cat Bone
The Dream
Albert's Alley

From the Album False Accusations (1985) (buy at
False Accusations
Porch Light
Change Of Heart, Change Of Mind (S.O.F.T.)
She's Gone
Playin' In The Dirt
I've Slipped Her Mind
False Accusations
The Last Time (I Get Burned Like This)
Payin' For It Now

From the Album Bad Influence (1983) (buy at
Bad Influence
Phone Booth
Bad Influence
The Grinder
Got To Make A Comeback
So Many Women, So Little Time
Where Do I Go From Here
Waiting For The Tide To Turn
March On
Don't Touch Me
No Big Deal
I Got Loaded
Share What You've Got, Keep What You Need

From the Album Who's Been Talkin' (1980) (buy at
Who's Been Talkin'
Too Many Cooks
The Score
When The Welfare Turns Its Back On You
That's What I'll Do
I'd Rather Be A Wino
Who's Been Talkin'
Sleeping In The Ground
I'm Gonna Forget About You
Nice As A Fool Can Be
If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'

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