Robert Cray - Steppin' Out Lyrics

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Steppin' Out Lyrics
I'm so fed up
Girl, I've had enough
I'm steppin' out tonight

Girl, you're playin' around
Sure enough gonna get me down
I'm steppin' out tonight

Down to the end of my rope
And I've get to get lose
Get a lose before I choke

Ain't no use in you
Beggin' me not to go
I'm steppin' out tonight

Last night you left home
Said you was goin' to your momma's place
That's what I believed

But your mama said
She hadn't seen your face
Girl, you steppin' out on me

Trying to pull the wool over my eyes
But I've been knowin' you too long, baby
For you to try to lie

So don't look at me
So doggoned surprised
I'm steppin' out tonight

[Guitar solo]

Girl, you've put my patience to the test
And I'm gettin' tired, baby
Tired of all your mess

So excuse me
Excuse me while I get dressed
I'm steppin' out tonight

Steppin' out tonight
Steppin' out tonight
Got to get lose
Steppin' out tonight
Got to get away, baby
Yeah, steppin' out tonight

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