Robert Cray - New Blood Lyrics

Robert Cray Lyrics

New Blood Lyrics
Got a real bad case of restless
As I pace around my room
The old urge has started stirring
Must be the power of the moon

Been feeling, oh, so nervous
Since my loving's turned to mud
And I hear that night wind howlin'
It's time to find new blood
New blood

It's been a year, three days ago
Not a letter or a call
This room has been my prison cell
I know every crack, on every wall

My locked-up desires boiling
Tensions rising to a flood
Now the streets are calling me, people

I've got to find new blood
New blood

[Guitar solo]

There's a woman out there somewhere
A woman starved for love
A member, just like I am
Of the "Lost your lover's club"

And now she can't control it
And the fever starts to burn
I know we're bound to come together
Cause she's lookin' for new blood
New blood

Don't you hear me howl?
I'm lookin' for new blood
New blood

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