Robert Cray - The Dream Lyrics

Robert Cray Lyrics

The Dream Lyrics
[Bob's vocal]

Last night
Once again I had the dream
I tossed and I turned
That old feeling's still the same
It was so real
I woke up cold and sweating
I wonder did I call her name?

In the dream she was right there with me
Right there with me in the bed
She said, "Bobby, come and kiss me"
"Never leave me!" is what she said
But when I reached out to hold her
Oh, I woke my wife instead

[Collins solo, with Bob on rhythm]

Once againnnnnnnnn!
Once again, I had the dream
Six years since I've seen her
Ain't no doubt about what it means, no, no
I tried hard not to think about her
But all she left me was this dream

All she left me was the dream
All she left me was a dream

A dream

All she left me was the dream

I dreamed I called her name

I dreamed I held my baby in my arms

Oh, what a dream!

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