Robert Cray - Across The Line Lyrics

Robert Cray Lyrics

Across The Line Lyrics
There's so many reasons
A man will commit a crime
Frustration's gnawin' at him
Twisting up his mind

He's tickin' like a bomb
That may go off at any time

I'm not here to make excuses
I didn't walk into it blind

It was plain old greed
Took something that wasn't mine

It was the weakness for a woman
That made me step across the line

What made it so bad
Was that I had a woman of my own

And she never did wrong to me
Almost did her best to make our home

From these cheatin' seeds I planted
Some big-time grief has grown

There's never been a man who's lived a perfect life
I cut three hearts to pieces
Didn't even use a knife
I didn't have the common decency
To lay off my brother's wife

[Saxophone solo]

[Guitar solo]

No they won't put me in prison
I'll be doing some hard time

Child supporting alimony
Taking my very last dime

I didn't think about the damage
When I stepped across the line

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