Robert Cray - I'll Go On Lyrics

Robert Cray Lyrics

I'll Go On Lyrics

Now I've look for you everywhere
But I can't find 'ya
No, no, no

Last time I saw 'ya you were talking on the phone
And after that you ran out the door
And I'll go on
Lovin' you

You might be at the neighbor's
Cause you and her like to take tea once and a while
You might have the car and gone over to Macy's
Cause I know you're a little behind in style

And I'll go on
Loving you
Yeah, baby

[Guitar solo]

Why didn't you come home last night?
Why did you not call me?
When are you gonna come home and squeeze his man?
Cause don't you know that I'm feelin' real lonely

And I'll go on, baby,
Loving you

And I'll go on
You know I'll go on, baby
Lovin' you


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