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Pantera Lyrics

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From the Album Piss (2012) (buy at

From the Album Rebel Meets Rebel [With David Allan Coe](2006) (buy at
Rebel Meets Rebel [With David Allan Coe]
Nothin' To Lose
Rebel Meets Rebel
Cowboys Do More Dope
Heart Worn Highway
One Nite Stands
Arizona Rivers
Get Outta My Life
Cherokee Cry
No Compromise
N.Y.C. Streets

From the Album The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits (2003) (buy at

Cowboys From Hell
Cemetery Gates
Mouth For War
This Love
I'm Broken
5 Minutes Alone
Planet Caravan
Drag The Waters
Where You Come From (Live)
Cat Scratch Fever
Revolution Is My Name
I'll Cast A Shadow
Goddamn Electric
Hole In The Sky

From the Album Reinventing The Steel (2000) (buy at
Reinventing The Steel

From the Album The Great Southern Trendkill (1996) (buy at
The Great Southern Trendkill

From the Album Far Beyond Driven (1994) (buy at
Far Beyond Driven

From the Album Vulgar Display Of Power (1992) (buy at
Vulgar Display Of Power

From the Album Cowboys From Hell (1990) (buy at
Cowboys From Hell

From the Album Power Metal (1988) (buy at
Power Metal

From the Album I Am The Night (1985) (buy at
I Am The Night

From the Album Projects in the Jungle (1984) (buy at
Projects in the Jungle

From the Album Metal Magic (1983) (buy at
Metal Magic

Other Songs:
Avoid The Light
Cat Scratch Fever
Dallas Stars Theme
Hole In The Sky
I Hide
Immortally Insane
Living Through Me
No Good
Regular People
The Badge
We'll Gring That Axe For A Long Time
Where You Come From

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