Immortally Insane Lyrics by Pantera

Pantera Lyrics

Immortally Insane Lyrics
Deathlike silence,
Red cloud shades,
A race that walls immortality,
The undying battle of extinction
Who would believe in sanctuary?

Weapons of less opposed historic,
Life is yielded onto sour ground,
A jester shell is designated,
For warning to you, both man and beast,

Destroying, foundation,
Arguing, forever!

Immortally insane.

Evil hardly a tranquil place,
The prophecy lives its hateful face.
For war is like lightening strike again and again.
Separating the the land from the wolf and man

Survivors will rise from Satan...
The skulls or rivals lay in rows in my cell.
The seeds of breeding swallow the waste
Creating more for the next one,

Destroying, foundation,
Arguing, forever!
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