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No Good Lyrics
RevengeI'm screaming revenge againWrongI've been wrong for far too longBeen constantly so frustratedI've moved mountains with lessWhen I channel my hate to productiveI don't find it hard to impress (Pre) Bones in traction Hands break to hone raw energy Bold and disastrous My ears can't hear what you say to me (Chorus) Hold your mouth for the war Use it for what isn't for Speak the truth about me Determined PossessedI feel a conquering will down inside me StrengthThe strength of many to crushWho might stop meMy strength is in number And my soul lies in every oneThe releasing of anger can better any medicine under the sun (Pre) (Chorus) There comes a time within everyone to close your eyes to what's realNo comprehension to failI vacuum the wind for my sailCan't be the restLet others waste my timeOwning success is the bottom line.Like a knife into fleshAfter life is to deathPulling and punching the rest of duration NO ONE can piss on this determination
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