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War Nerve Lyrics
Truly, f*ck the world,
for all it's worth,
every inch of planet Earth,
f*ck myself,
don't leave me out,
but don't get involved,
don't corner me

Inside, ulcer,
unjust bastards,
file out face first
Meet the lies and see what you are


It's forcing you down, and it's grinding against you
Let the war nerve break


For every f*cking second the pathetic media pisses on me and
judges what I am in one paragraph - Look here - F*ck you all

Expect the worse,
you bleeding heart,
but kill me first
before it starts,
yes my cock is getting hard,
we are born different after all

Invite mayhem,
produce weapons,
shoot out,
burn down
No CNN or media now


All the money in the f*cking world couldn't buy me one second of trust
or one ounce of faith in anything you're about
F*ck you all

Nothing is worth the sleep that I've lost
Apologies unacceptable now
A blistered revenge awaits in me
This is f*cking loveless

Hate mail is not read, in jail instead

The Lord knows,
there's worse
Ignore, this curse
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