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Stryper Lyrics
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From the Album Even the Devil Believes (2020) (buy at
Even the Devil Believes
Blood From Above
Make Love Great Again
Let Him In
Do Unto Others
Even The Devil Believes
How To Fly
This I Pray
Invitation Only
For God & Rock 'n' Roll
Middle Finger Messiah

From the Album Second Coming (2013) (buy at
Second Coming
Loud 'N' Clear (2013)
Loving You (2013)
Soldiers Under Command (2013)
Makes Me Wanna Sing (2013)
First Love (2013)
The Rock That Makes Me Roll (2013)
Reach Out (2013)
Surrender (2013)
To Hell With The Devil (2013)
Calling On You (2013)
Free (2013)
The Way (2013)
Sing-Along Song (2013)
More Than A Man (2013)
Bleeding From Inside Out

From the Album The Covering (2011) (buy at
The Covering
Set Me Free
Heaven And Hell
Lights Out
Carry On Wayward Son
Highway Star
Shout It Out Loud
Over The Mountain
The Trooper
Breaking The Law
On Fire
Immigrant Song

From the Album Murder By Pride (2009) (buy at
Murder By Pride
Eclipse Of The Son
4 Leaf Clover
Peace Of Mind
The Plan
Murder By Pride
Mercy Over Blame
I Believe
Run In You
Love Is Why
My Love (I'll Always Show)
My Love, My Life, My Flame

From the Album Reborn (2005) (buy at
Open Your Eyes
When Did I See You Cry
Make You Mine
Live Again
If I Die
Wait For You
10,000 Years
More Than A Man (Live 2003)
Reach Out (Live 2003)

From the Album Against The Law (1990) (buy at
Against The Law
Against The Law
Two Time Woman
Rock The People
Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul)
Not That Kind Of Guy
Shining Star
Ordinary Man
Caught In The Middle
All For One
Rock The Hell Out Of You

From the Album In God We Trust (1988) (buy at
1989 Dove Award for Hard Music Album Of The Year
In God We Trust
Always There For You
Keep The Fire Burning
I Believe In You
The Writings On The Wall
It's Up 2 U
The World Of You And I
Come To The Everlife
The Reign
Always There For You

From the Album To Hell With The Devil (1986) (buy at
To Hell With The Devil
Abyss (To Hell With The Devil)
To Hell With The Devil
Calling On You
The Way
Sing-Along Song
Holding On
Rockin' The World
All Of Me
More Than A Man
Winter Wonderland

From the Album Soldiers Under Command (1985) (buy at
Soldiers Under Command
Soldiers Under Command
Makes Me Wanna Sing
Together Forever
First Love
The Rock That Makes Me Roll
Reach Out
(Waiting For) A Love That's Real
Together As One
Battle Hymn Of The Republic

From the Album The Yellow And Black Attack (1984) (buy at
The Yellow And Black Attack
Loud 'N' Clear
From Wrong To Right
My Love (I'll Always Show)
You Know What To Do
C'mon Rock
You Won't Be Lonely
Loving You
Reason For The Season

Stryper Info:

Stryper is a Christian glam metal band from Orange County, California. The group's lineup consists of Michael Sweet, Oz Fox, Tim Gaines, and Robert Sweet. In 2004, Gaines left the band and was replaced by Tracy Ferrie but rejoined in 2009. -Wikipedia

From: Orange County, California, US

Christian metal, glam metal, heavy metal, hard rock, nu metal

Years active: 1983-1992, 2003-present

Associated acts:
Boston, SinDizzy, King James, Blissed

Michael Sweet - lead vocals, rhythm & lead guitar (1983-1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003-present)
Robert Sweet - drums (1983-1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003-present)
Tim Gaines - bass, backing vocals (1983-1986, 1986-1988, 1990-1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003-2004, 2009-present)
Oz Fox - lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1983-1992, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003-present)

Past members:
Tracy Ferrie - bass (2004-2009)

Session members:
John Van Tongeren - bass, keyboards, piano (Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil, In God We Trust)
Christopher Currell - Synclavier, guitar (Soldiers Under Command)
Billy Meyers - keyboards (In God We Trust)
Steve Croes - Synclavier (In God We Trust)
Brad Cobb - bass (To Hell with the Devil (album): In God We Trust (album))
John Purcell - keyboards (Against the Law)
Jeff Scott Soto - background vocals (Against the Law)
Randy Jackson - bass (Against the Law)
Brent Jeffers - keyboards (Against the Law), (1986-1990 Touring)
Tom Werman - percussion (Against the Law)
Kenny Aronoff - drums (Murder by Pride)
Charles Foley - keyboards (Touring)
Kenny Metcalf - keyboards (1985;1986 Touring)

Tour Dates:

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