Stryper - Blackened Lyrics

Stryper Lyrics

Blackened Lyrics
I've been lost and harder to find
Since I met twenty-five
In my lie, it's now do or die
And about damn time
I can't run, I'm not gonna hide
In another bottle of wine
A can see my soul in a different place
I don't want to go as another case
(Of a man who's heart is)

Blackened, blackened

I'll give blood and money to gain
The strength to stand for the call
I trust love, it's certain to change
A heart that's born to fall
I believe I more, that I long to see
When I find my faith I'll be free
(Before my heart is)

Blackened (Don't want my mind to be)
Blackened (Don't want my soul to be)
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