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Rich Men North of Richmond Lyrics

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• "Rich Men North of Richmond" is a song by American country music singer Oliver Anthony that was released in August 2023.

• The song became an overnight viral hit after gaining traction on social media and has been described as a "blue-collar anthem", an "everyman anthem", and a "right-wing anthem".

• Themes of the song include low wages ("for bullshit pay"), food poverty ("nothing to eat"), high inflation ("dollar ain't shit"), high taxes ("taxed to no end"), child trafficking ("minors on an island"), welfare abuse ("the obese milkin' welfare"), and loss of control to others ("wanna have total control").

• Within days of its release, it topped sales and streaming charts, and then debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Anthony the first artist to debut atop the chart without any prior chart history in any form.

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Single by Oliver Anthony

August 8, 2023



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