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Oliver Anthony Music Lyrics

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From the Album Aint Gotta Dollar (2023) (buy at amazon.com)
Aint Gotta Dollar
Aint Gotta Dollar

From the Album Rich Men North of Richmond (2023) (buy at amazon.com)
Rich Men North of Richmond
Rich Men North of Richmond

Oliver Anthony Music Info:

Oliver Anthony’s path to musical prominence is one marked by determination and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

As a former factory worker, Oliver’s life took a transformative turn when he stepped onto the music scene. His hit single “Rich Men North of Richmond” ignited conversations across the nation, earning him a reputation as an artist unafraid to tackle subjects of greed and injustice.

His song “Rich Men North of Richmond” is a powerful reflection of the struggles faced by the working class, resonating with those who grapple with a sense of stagnation due to economic challenges and over-taxation.

Oliver’s music speaks not only to the specific plight of the working class but also to the universal human experience of perseverance and hope.

While “Rich Men North of Richmond” stands as his breakthrough hit, he has released an array of tracks that showcase his grizzly, acoustic sound and straightforward songwriting style. Songs like “Feeling Purdy Good,” “90 Some Chevy,” “Between You & Me,” “Long Gone,” “Cobwebs and Cocaine,” “I Want to Go Home,” “Doggonit,” “I’ve Got to Get Sober,” and “Ain’t Got Dollar” reflect his ability to delve into various aspects of the human experience with honesty and authenticity. -biographiesareus.com/oliver-anthony-

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Oliver Anthony

Virginia, USA



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