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Jr Writer Lyrics

Take Notes Lyrics
[J.R. Writer]
Let's get it on
Ok, J.R. Writer I'm ready
History in the making take notes n****
Get used to the future (who's that)
That's me (ok) huh
Let's do it

Uh, it's more than this rap s*** ba***** f*** a song
To keep a brother warm I had to keep the oven on (true story)
Another gone pop split up and gone
In my bubble I was bubbling from dust till dawn
I aint have s*** yall was eating lucky charms
With lucky charms we was never lucky mourn
Meaning my home wasn't sleek and appealing
Mice in the floor couple leaks in the ceiling
Leak in the building treats for civilians
Flipping like I'm really trying to reach for a million
Before I met Killa, 'Elz, Jim, Hell Rell
F*** three sixteens it was twelve twelves
In my pelle pelle's n**** I'm a bigger boss
They was never on me but I had to get em off
Like my lawyer if they try to get me shipped up north
Imma show these motherf*****s how to whip a Porsche
Hop in ya whip of course stay with ya best dame
Blow past the yield sign straight to the left lane
You can't keep up please monk who is yall fooling
Jacuzzi in the trunk the only way I'm carpooling
I put the car-pool-in that's what I'm bathing in
Kick off my bathing apes tell ya b**** come take a swim
I am majoring I major in catering
A man handler listen I amazin em
Look Writer's a G dammit you bastards
You wouldn't be nicer than me with anger management classes
Hand em a casket be sitting with Shakur
I aint lost my marbles n**** they sitting in my floors
They sitting in my walls
Listen I'm up and coming silly
Walk pass ya b**** getting up and coming with me
I'm that f***ing n**** girls say who f***ing is he
Throw on that izzy dipset we run the city
You little hustlers are running outta packs
I'm still uptown pumping bundles out the trap
Gotta cut down it's a jungle where I'm at
But still I'm out stretching like I'm coming out a nap!

[DukeDaGod speaks]
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