Big Daddy Kane Lyrics

Big Daddy Kane Lyrics

From the Album Veteranz Day (1998) (buy at
Veteranz Day
Uncut, Pure
Change This Game Around
2 Da Good Tymz
Terra N Ya Era
Hold it Down
Earth, Wind & Fire
Do U Really Know?
Last Night Episode
Unda Presha
Uncut, Pure (Remix)

From the Album Daddy's Home (1994) (buy at
Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home
Brooklyn Style...Laid Out
In the PJ's
Show and Prove
Lyrical Gymnastics
That's How I Did 'Em
Sex According to the Prince of Darkness
3 Forties and a Bottle of Moet
The Way it's Goin' Down
Somebody's Been Sleeping in my Bed
Let Yourself Go
Don't Do it to Yourself

From the Album Looks Like a Job for ... (1993) (buy at
Looks Like a Job for ...
Looks Like a Job For...
How U Get a Record Deal?
Chocolate City
The Beef is On
Stop Shammin'
Brother Man, Brother Man
Rest in Peace
Very Special
Here Comes Kane, Scoob and Scrap
Niggaz Never Learn
Give it to Me
'Nuff Respect (Remix)

From the Album Prince of Darkness (1991) (buy at
Prince of Darkness
Prince of Darkness
The Lover in You
Git Bizzy
Ooh, Aah, Nah-Nah-Nah
Brother, Brother
Groove With It
I'm Not Ashamed
Troubled Man
Come on Down
Death Sentence
Get Down
Raw '91
DJ's Get No Credit

From the Album Taste of Chocolate (1990) (buy at
Taste of Chocolate
Taste of Chocolate (Intro)
Cause I Can Do it Right
It's Hard Being the Kane
Who Am I
Dance With the Devil
No Damn Good
All of Me
Keep 'Em on the Floor
Mr. Pitiful
Put Your Weight on It
Big Daddy vs. Dolemite
Down the Line

From the Album It's A Big Daddy Thing (1989) (buy at
It's A Big Daddy Thing
It's a Big Daddy Thing
Another Victory
Mortal Combat
Children R the Future
Young, Gifted and Black
Smooth Operator
Calling Mr. Welfare
Wrath of Kane (Live)
I Get the Job Done
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
Pimpin' Ain't Easy
To Be Your Man
The House That Cee Built
On the Move
Warm it Up, Kane
Rap Summary (Lean on Me Remix)

From the Album Long Live The Kane (1988) (buy at
Long Live The Kane
Long Live the Kane
Raw [Remix]
Set it Off
The Day You're Mine
On the Bugged Tip
Ain't No Half-Steppin'
I'll Take You There
Just Rhymin' with Biz
Mister Cee's Master Plan
Word to the Mother (Land)

Other Songs:
A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work
Any Type of Way
Cameo Afro
Give a Demonstration
The Man/The Icon
Wherever U Are
Wrath of Kane

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