Big Daddy Kane - Definitely Lyrics

Big Daddy Kane Lyrics

Definitely Lyrics
In this corner, representin' BK, NY
Who, come again , I
That you can't deny
For the while I stayed, laid back in the shade
Just like a silhouette, however still a threat
Once again, I return just to get my groove on
Bag somethin' that's a size 7/8 and move on
It be nothin' but dime girls I sport
Only time I hit a 3 be on the basketball court
What you thought, the wrath was about to end
Nah baby, never that because I'm out to win
So what if he came back , he ain't even hittin' though
So why you standin' there with yo' nails bitten low?
MC's tremblin', I plead innocent
But then again, things can get menacin'
Ladies and Gentlemen it's the world renown
Come on ya'll let's get down, Dark Gable's in town

Put your hands up high if you testify
Are you wit' me? (Definitely)
Cause I give it all I got when I rock the spot
Are you wit' me? (Definitely)
Ain't gon' be no looking tight, we gon' party tonight
Are you wit' me? (Definitely)
One hundred percent proof, help me raise the roof
Are you wit' me? (Definitely)

[Verse 2]
It's somethin' ‘bout that Kane that I just ain't buying
How can his rap be solid when his flow is liquefying?
He keep it on beat, plus he keep it street
Plus he keep it sweet, I mean his shit be complete
Thank you love that's right keep it real for me
As I run it down to you all skillfully
Because it ain't hard to tell who's the liver one
Got ‘em all shooken like Allen Iverson
See, you talking now but you ain't sayin nothin'
I keep you listeners hittin' the rewind button
You thinkin', maybe I'm the one to bring it to
But, I don't think that's the wise thing to do
Another casualty with the audacity, thinkin' that he can last with me
Fast to see how I massively, drop skills gradually
Hold it down like gravity, naturally


[Verse 3]
I come wit' the flows that go down like water
Some of y'all just ain't got your game in order
Hmn, looks to me as though you're simpin'
Playa hata's that's attemptin', to be the grinch that stole pimpin'
I cram to, understand you, what's your angle?
You don't want to tangle
Actin' all brand new
Nothin' that them can do, when I roll up like bamboo
And dismantle, handle, everyone I ran through
Baby, you can count on me, a sure thing
I be all inside your hood, just like a drawstring
The wack, I restrict ‘em, rhymes I kick ‘em
Girls I just stick ‘em, whose my next victim?
Thinkin' you was ballin', now I'm callin

Yo' bluff(Uh huh), sho nuff (Well alright)
Who you came out to see in the place to be
The ebony black ice, who that be?
(Yours truly)


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