I Love Makonnen Lyrics

I Love Makonnen Lyrics

I Love Makonnen Info:

ILoveMakonnen is an American R&B and hip hop recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He grew to prominence in 2014, after being co-signed by Miley Cyrus and having Drake remix his song "Tuesday". -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Makonnen Sheran

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

R&B, hip hop

Singer, Rapper

Vocals, keyboard

Years active:

Associated Acts:
Miley Cyrus

Did You Know:
• He is of African American, Indian, Irish, Belgian, German and Chinese heritage.

ILoveMakonnen Quotes:
"I was hanging out with drug dealers and thieves and the pretty girls that were popular. The kids thought I was kind of bad. Not reckless, but a badass. A lot of people really look up to me. I kind of represent them. It’s like, they’ll stand behind me, but they won’t stand beside me."

Tour Dates:

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