Wishin' You Well Lyrics by I Love Makonnen

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Wishin' You Well Lyrics
I remember that time in Arizona
Your cousin showed us the most love
We was moving outside, we was blooming so fast
We crashed her yellow Corolla
She was mad on her Motorola
Calling her cousin and told her
That she should pull up with another set
Cuz these kids out here wanna go up
We moved to a whole 'nother city, out with vector
Called my friend, his name was Hector
Had them things going down for the low
Me and you cruising downtown on the go
Got Route 66 on the way, type me back
Ain't movin no bricks, we moving that.. sack
I just move it like that
Uh, ahh

[Chorus 2x:]
I be wishing you well
I be wishing you well
When you're on your way
I be wishing you well
I be wishing you well
At the end of the day
I be wishing you well
I be wishing you well
Even though we're not together
I be wishing you well
I be wishing you well
Cuz I love you forever

I remember those nights in Oakland
We was just hangin' out, just smokin'
Your friend got shot on the corner
For trying to sell something that he didn't have no business doing
I was mad your cousin was missing
Her auntie out here kissing
On another girl
'cept her girl was her girlfriend for another Mrs
We was moving out to Arizona
Bought a Backwood, nothing in the soda
Drinkin' that Pepsi on the corner real fast
You was feelin' a lil hydration and I know the
I told you that girl was a know what
You said you moving to the NOLA
Got a tat on your little arm
Talking 'bout you love a girl named Lola
I been wishin' you well from the heart
I been wishin' you well from the start
You been hangin' with them devils down there
You been doing them things that ain't so smart
You want to come on back?
My heart ain't havin' that
I was thinkin' 'bout us in another town
But our plans, you shattered that

[Chorus 2x]

I remember that time in Seattle
You was thinkin' 'bout moving that cattle
Said your family had a farm with a lot of cows
And a little rattle...
Snake that didn't bite nobody, high horses at your party
In the barnyard every night, you had a little girl you named Dolly
You was cruising down on the path ways
I was thinkin' 'bout moving down back way
Until it crossed my mind that any time
I try to get close, you say "bye bye"
I wonder, I wonder
Why I try, try
When you're so down for the road uh
Wanna hit that North Dakota
Can't slow it down for nobody else but Benjamin and coka
I moved out to Reno, Arizona
I mean... it was Reno, Nevada
I been drinkin' these things from the bottles
I can't remember

[Chorus 2x]

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