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Something In The Orange Lyrics

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• "Something in the Orange" is a song by American singer Zach Bryan. It is a single from his 2022 album American Heartbreak.

• Bryan released two versions of the song: the original single version, and an alternate mix which features just his vocals and piano.

• Rolling Stone editors described the song as "a heartbreaking single full of the genre's signature soul, stripped down to only an acoustic guitar and a harmonica" and having "love letter lyrics".

• "Something in the Orange" is Bryan's first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, debuting on the chart dated May 7, 2022, and later peaking at number 25.

From the Album:
American Heartbreak

April 22, 2022


4:14 (Z&E's version)
3:48 (radio edit)

Zach Bryan

Ryan Hadlock[, Eddie Spear (Z&E's version)

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