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Sarah's Place Lyrics

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•Boys of Faith is the third EP by American singer-songwriter Zach Bryan.

• "Sarah's Place" , the second track, features fellow Nashville singer-songwriter Noah Kahan

• ‘Sarah's Place’ is an endearing but bittersweet ode to a long-gone lover, with the two genre-blending mavericks trading verses as they express their sadness at their ex's absence, while still championing their decision to move on and carve out a better path for themselves.

• "The intentionally loose composition, with the easygoing acoustic strum and drum rhythm fusing joyfully with the occasional twang of an additional guitar, produces the feel of a 70s Beatles-like track."
-Wikipedia-, -holler.-

From the Album:
Zach Bryan

September 22, 2023

Indie folkfolk, Americana


Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan

Zach Bryan

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