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Hey Driver Lyrics
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Hey Driver Info:

• "Hey Driver" (featuring the War and Treaty)is the fifth track on "Zach Bryan", the eponymous fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Zach Bryan.

• Bryan revealed that there is "no grand explanation" or "riddle in reasoning" behind any of the songs on the album. Instead, he simply described them as "poems and songs" he wanted to share because he thought they were special.

• “Hey driver, pull on over, I’m in a fight with god/and this Carolina shoulder is the place I’m getting’ off,” Bryan sings at the top of the song, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and banjo player in a video filmed at night in an outdoor public space.

• "Hey Driver" is world-weary and earnest like much of Bryan’s work, with him dreaming about retiring to a place where “they still put sugar in their iced tea/where the women are fine and the love is fair.”
-Wikipedia-, -Rolling Stone-

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Zach Bryan

August 25, 2023

Country, country rock


Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan

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