Yo Yo, King Tee - You Need A Six-Pack Lyrics

Yo Yo, King Tee Lyrics

You Need A Six-Pack Lyrics
[Intro: King Tee]
Yo, this is King Tee
I got my Home Girl Yo-Yo in the house
She wants to tell you about the St. Ides brew
You know what I'm sayin? !

There's no way you can skip the subject
You drink St. Ides simply cause you love it
Admirin' it, and I'm the one who inspirin' it
St. Ides is in the house
Ladies, let's try this
Gets you in the mood, makes you wanna oohh
Girl, I'm tellin' you
Have your soul relax, you came or back around up
And you'll be goin' for six pack
Better than your ordinary
This what keeps you mellow honey
Drinkin' it on the open up, it's garanteed to save your money
Have you on the door, can't say no or why you add it
Grab some for Yo-Yo
There's nothin' to see, the super St.
St. Ides Malt liquor is the best in the streets G

[Outro: Yo-Yo]
Ha ha ha yeah, Yo-Yo
Stompin' through the 90s
Ladies, don't be afraid to go out there and tell your man:
Aiy look, you need a six pack
You know what I'm sayin? !
St. Ides

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