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Tonight's The Night Lyrics
(feat. Dazzie Dee)

[DD] Check this out
I think I'm a lucky guy because this woman, I have found her
[YY] Ah-ha?
[DD] Beginnin to think of her more and more, then I grow fonder
By takin her out and showin her, this brother is like hypin
Why be freightened?
[YY] I'm not freightened...
[DD] Cause tonight is gonna be our night that we'll embrace
Face to face and make sweet love
[YY] Ooh, is it really sweet?
[DD] Well, here's a taste..
[YY] But wait, how do I know that you're not fooling me?
[DD] Who is? Relax, sweetheart, I know what I am doin
[YY] Okay
[DD] Cause I'm not a simple fella that'll tell ya
Just anything cause I mean exactly what I say
[YY] So if I do wait I'm really sorry for all that time it took
[DD] Yeah, sure
So what are you tryin to say?
[YY] Hey look, it's like this

[female singer]
Tonight is the night
That you make me a woman
You said you'll be gentle with me
And I hope you will

[YY] Hm, so here we have this, a intimate dinner
With me and you, and after refreshments, what will we do?
[DD] We'll take a stroll along the ??? of the beach
[YY] Ooh, and next?
[DD] We'll try to do the wild thing by the sea
[YY] Na-ah, see look, Dazzie, you act like that's all there is
[DD] Let's not be silly, you know I care about you
[YY] Really? And besides, whenever we're together you don't act right
And I'm the type of girl who likes to wait
[DD] Yeah, right
And I can have a girlfriend that don't share
[YY] Well?
[DD] Cause there's lots more of her
For your information panties wettin
So why hold out?
[YY] Cause when it comes to this I must resist
Hey look, straight up, it's like this

[female singer]
I'm nervous
And I'm ???
Waiting for you to walking in
I tried so hard to relax
But I..
I just can't keep still

[YY] Now first of all, we kiss and hold hands and that's all great
[DD] So now I guess it's time to make love?
[YY] Ah-ah, see now wait
See, I can't have a boyfriend that don't spend time to be with all of me
[DD] But I do..
[YY] Not the kind of star that try to try to dog me
[DD] No but it's not like that
See, I'm the other kind, the soft and nice type
Then I like to quickly make a moment when the mood's right
[YY] It's real fun, we're by ourselves when we're together
But if we wait (wait?) it'll be much better
[DD] Yeah, whatever..
[YY] So why all the rush, it doesn't matter where we do it
[DD] Cause you're my sweetheart and the only one I wanna groove with
[YY] Okay, shall we hold on or shall we let go?
Step off and go?
[DD] Nah, heck no
[YY] Why?
[DD] Cause you're special
[YY] So why all the rush to the bedroom, I really don't know you
[DD] Yeah, you're right, but here's the perfect time to
[YY] Okay, not that way, it seems that's all there is
[DD] But it's not true
[YY] So what you wanna do?
[DD] Look

[female singer]
Tonight is the night
That you make me a woman
You said you'll be gentle with me
And I hope you will
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