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Thank You, Boo Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Stayin' up late nights with tears in my eyes
Got me blowin' up your pager like I ain't doing it right
Gee, you must be crazy, however could you play me
Nothing-ass nigga till you made me your Lady
Now, what nigga, what nigga what
Whatever made you build up the gut
Now that you rollin' in a Lex-o on Dex-o's
Hittin' bitches into riches, hittin' mad switches
Wanna... front on your honey, that helped you get your money
You better come real, this ain't no crash test dummy
I was more than enough, all the woman you needed
Yeah that's what I thought, untill your bitch-ass cheated

[Chorus 1]
(Thank You, for letting, me be by myself again)
So tell your homies you can out with no curfew
Since I'm a bird, and now I'm rollin' with my girl crew
(Thank You, for letting, me be by myself again)
For all the years I let you lie with your secrets
Now that I'm single don't be stressin' who I sleep wit'

[Verse 2]
Waitin' to exhale like Angela Bassett
Though I won't be burning threads I'll be burning your assetts
In the meantime, between lines, there will be no rewinds
You work your thing and I work mine
Needed affection, had me blinded by erection
But when nit-wit left, it had me take a right direction
You, silly softy, had my loft he's...
Tried to boss me and floss me, when you crossed me you lost me
Thank you, for giving me the eyes to se
Well ain't you, the nigga that was dodging me
Ain't heard nothing he said, had his shit on mute
Now gilrs... wasn't that cute (Woah Woah)

[Chorus 2]
(Thank You, for letting, me be by myself again)
When you need it, you call hood-rats and critters
But when I want it I just call a babysitter
(Thank You, for letting, me be by myself again)
Instead of hanging with your real ??? you're lonley
You'd rather hang out with those fake homies that don't stay

(Woah Woah)
You wanna kick game with Yo Yo?
(Woah Woah)
I'm solo and I got combo
(Woah Woah)
You think it's all talk, well oh no
(Yo Yo)
Well less of the flow, tell me mo'

[Verse 3]
The best pussy in the world
Why you wanna play me like you muber three girl?
It was all jolly good, with my knees back
But since you wanna front I want my motherf*ckin keys back
It's been all sunny since your rainy ass left
I thought it would be hell, but now I see that I am blessed
Mamma told me that I would go through this test
No more wet for you, you can't get on my breasts, so

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

Yo Yo, Woah Woah, Yo Yo, Woah Woah... [repeat till fade...]
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