Yo Yo - How Can I Be Down Lyrics

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How Can I Be Down Lyrics
(feat. Ruff Dogg)

How can I be down with you, baby boo
How can I be down, I be down, with you [x2]

[Verse 1]
[Yo Yo] What's up baby can I have this moment to speak
Like I told you my flava's so sweet you can eat
[Ruff Dogg] Shit, feel my heart beat
Plus you got my meat, harder than concrete
[Yo Yo] Well don't be shy, slide me the number to your pis-ager
I see that you a player with them four plaits in your hair
[Ruff Dogg] Oh yeah, you got it, put it in your pocket
Ain't no use to me frontin' I'ma stop it
[Yo Yo] Oh is that right, I love a young tender
I'll give you something to remember, enter
[Ruff Dogg] My life and soul it seems
Damn Y-O, you just don't know what you doin' to me
[Yo Yo] Poppy, what I'm doin', what you mean?
I've been this way ever since I was thirteen
[Ruff Dogg] I feel like a king so where's my crown
[Both] What's up baby boo how can I be down?


[Verse 2]
[Ruff Dogg] Let's parlé, we canhave beautiful times together
Make love to old music and make beautiful rhymes together
[Yo Yo] So let's do whatever's clever, baby boo
They say we can't mix business with pleasure
[Ruff Dogg] Oh but however, never say never
The love that I show, Y-O, you's best-ts treasure
[Yo Yo] So poppy, you really wanna be down
I'll be your queen, and here's your cris-own
[Ruff Dogg] You can be the 10, and I'll be the 9
And if I was from Oakland I'd say you was hella fine
[Yo Yo] Hey Ruff, you kinda cool, and I like your flow
And plus I want some brown sugar like I was D'Angelo
[Ruff Dogg] So let's come together, like cheeks
I'm down to ride, the new Bonnie & Clyde
[Yo Yo] Well get it where you want it, baby I like your sound
What's up Ruff Dogg, how can I be down?


[Verse 3]
[Yo Yo] So, you won't be playin' no games with me (No)
I wanna keep it real and raise a family?
[Ruff Dogg] See Yo, I know how you feel
We could have a couple of kids and lounge with a couple of Mill
[Yo Yo] I mean look, you're kinda cool you make me giggle and laugh
How many kids you wanna have?
[Ruff Dogg] A whole stash, having moet bubble baths
Nothing but good love up to grab
[Yo Yo] I wan't a boy and girl, so we can kick it tough
A little Y-O, and plus a little Ruff
[Ruff Dogg] See it's all cool, we can do what you wanna do
Meeting a freak like you is something I always wanted to do
[Yo Yo] Look baby you know me, I ain't shy
Flossy green eyes and I want you cause you're so fly
[Ruff Dogg] See brother's playa-hatin' the flow
Can't see Ruff Dogg messin' with Y-O to the Y-O
[Yo Yo] Tell them niggas get in where they fit in coz I got mine
And you can be down baby all the time
[Ruff Dogg] I wanna be down (That's Right)
I can't get clowned (That won't happen baby)

[Chorus till fade...]
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