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Killa Lyrics
Hey hey picture me performing in an orpheon
A [?] living in the orphenat
What my future home onyl God knows
As while I stay and play it up
And [?]

Count on me count on me [?]
Tryin upside down
Let em look at the [?]
'Cause I did you like bush
[?] it's a cooper they don't' drop
Hard [?] for I let em damn nigga
[?] my nigga my hood my fellows
I kill em
F*ck em, I don't feel em
When the beat drop nigga

Hey nigga do get to [?]
Play the nigga
Any nigga can make some money
But any nigga can try

Killa for killa west side
White vile [?]
Do on one out of [?]

Any five percet fo ten nigga
Any five percent of [?]
Not do what I do I try nigga
Hope you drink
Don't confuse it money bags
White [?] bitch I say murder
Have you ever heard and is the word
[?] the shit [?] the label
I ain't' on the [?] you got no consistency
Tryin to get my [?] you know the [?]
You slow it down
Open the legs you beat it up
[?] can't see em
What you sayin I'm own it
[?] who want it [?] so your pussy don't kill it

[?] comes to bury takin all
Is like an [?]
I I I I just like deeper than eye

It gonna for crazy I stay for [?]
Kill a shit, I kill a shit
Banana shit
You've been so faking shit
Why you only [?]
Them bitches I ain't really [?]
Go in time
Or a hater [?] killa killa
Can murder one
I'm the only one
[?] we think to afce no
I know the [?] ain't got the wings
Cut off the mike
They drop the base [?]
See a brighter day real niggas
[?] killas we [?] work killas [?]
Murder murder, kill kill
I'm a keep it real
[?] take the killer

[?] comes to bury takin all
Is like an [?]
I I I I just like deeper than eye
See it [?] they all runnin
When they see me coming
Ah ah ah ey ey
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