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Yo Gotti Lyrics

I Feel Like Lyrics
Boosie Badazz (Boosie Badazz)
I am
Aye we the richest, realest niggas in this shit
That's what the world say

[Hook x2 - Yo Gotti:]
I feel like the realest nigga in the world
I feel like tonight I want to f*ck your girl
I feel like the richest, realest nigga in it (I am)
Free my dogs I swear to God it been a minute

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
Yo, it's Boosie and Gotti
Niggas know we go retarded for money we f*ck up the check
Chain after chain, and cars whip after whip
We kill goon after goon and by text after text
Got a lot of money, got a lot of hoes
Got a lot of problems, Got a lot of issues
Seen a lot of dope
I was in the hood, when you was in the hood
You was in the hood, when I was in the hood, with the same bros
Get money with killas, my shooters got rollies, we killing in style
Boy my house like a mall and my closet is [?] and my shoes racks an aisle
And my bitch probably look like Chanel
Ten thousand square feet, my house big as hell
I was so sick of running from the twelve
They f*cking up kitchens and running through scales
Million dollars out of bando, trap wizards like a Gandalf
Street nigga in a Lambo, I got big choppa like I'm mandalf
F*ck the plug, yea I ran off
F*ck your bitch, yea that's a hand off
Real nigga, this a stand off


[Verse 2 - Boosie Badazz:]
Free Meek nigga
I'm the realest nigga in it, just ask bout me
Worldwide call me badazz
Girl fine with a fat ass
If I love ya I give you my last
Real nigga
A lot of niggas hating cause the plate got bigger
World is mine, hating non nigga
You know what I done been through
Free BG free Free MU
There can't be no sequel too
Boozie and this gangsta music
At home I got a gangsta bitch, all we watch is gangster movies
Shit I feel like I'm the richest in the world
Cause I come from where you gone if you got a couple of birds
Foreign cars up in my four garages, real nigga
Still sending niggas money orders, real nigga
Lost a couple of hittaz
Roll one for em, smoke one for em
And I got they daughters and they sons, that's why

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