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Yelawolf Lyrics

I Wanna Rock Lyrics
It's your Yelawolf partner catfish bizzle got these ho's poppin. Poppin up like an echo.Keep them gassed up yeah I'm pumping them with the petrol nickle bag dippin I'll meet ya down at the Citgo yeah I sell a little yeah that's how I lick em yeah that's what I give them yeah that's how I sick em throwing a hot potatoe these hot potatoes I ship em from a bucket I lift them these home fries I hit em ketch up you hungry then you better lick em, you wanna see a cracker up close there's a picked one speaking of a picked one we get up crunk way it up freestyles bitch I can make a ton rappers like football it's a tricky punt but kick it up crimson tides already won bistro I'm a deadly gun rat rat rat pussy boy you a ready c*nt don't make me reach for my machette son I cut students cut two bucks like I was Jackie Chan or Jackie chane pull back and bang I'm droppin change with a hand full of thoughts like I had a second brain so go head and take a crack at Wayne it won't drop that's a gun shot and you lack at aim from the back of the train to the caboose ya pull em out the game f*ck bits I pull em out of the strange f*ck it I pull them out of there lane now your playing chicken with a hot rod oh my god I went with a metal frame faggots you need a training bra just look at how your titties hang I'm a grown man I just let my nuts swang bust another tooth ahh that's another hockey puck slang how you get ice in alabama man cause I'm the f*cking truth god bitch I freeze anything refrigerator parry is back again spread grey pupone all over your f*cking cellaphane I'm serving yellow like the dope man figure this mutha f*cka like cold train middle finger thumb hear my pain when the horns blow it's like a porn show I'm butt naked hip hop will never be the same
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