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Director's Cut Lyrics
(Psycho motherf*cker)
(Psycho motherf*cker)

[Verse 1:]
I took my Buck night
Stuck it in my bag
In a black Jansport that I've had since 2000 class
And some duct tape, the last of a roll I used
The first of it I used to patch a hole in my bedroom window glass
I broke into my trailer because this bitch locked me out
She took my keys and threw them into the yard, but I haven't cut my grass
Plus it was dark when I got home, I was driving fast
But the made it hard to see the road and I drove right past
Had to turn around in a cul de sac, dead end
And I barely made into my dirt drive, running out of gas
A late night at work, another tailspin
Got fired so I hit the bar and I got trashed
I stumbled in to find a note, "I'm gone"
"No shit, bitch"
I crumble the note, and threw it on the ground, and picked up the phone
"F*ck", she cut the wire, busted the jack with a hammer
I know, cause I can see that the plastic got bashed

I was so mad, that I went sober
With a forced laugh, I reached for the last thing that I need in my sack
(haha) A picture of us in a cab, the night we said it would work out
That didn't last, a couple dollars short, or maybe just the wrong path
The reason was irrelevant to me, cause I just wanted payback
So I jumped in my truck, put the dash, spitted gas
And a bag pack duct tape and buck knife, and that was that

This must be a movie
Cause I'm about to roll tape again
I'm about to make a movie
Michael Myers and Superman
"Look up at the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!"
Michael Myers and Superman
Is it a game? Or is it insane?
Michael Myers and Superman

[Verse 2:]
I pulled out the driveway, took a right on Rainbow Drive
While I tried to keep my truck alive, pumping down the street
I believe it was 55 outside, cold, and the window was frosted
Truck died and then I crawled into the pump station
Barely making it to the pump
I walked in, put my last 10 dollar bills on the desk
Snuck a pack of cigarettes in my pocket
As he reached for the register, the thought sparked in my head
To leave him dead, but no, f*ck it
I'll save his life, and put 10 in the bucket
I ain't killing in public
It ain't in my budget
The door, I budged it
Slid through to the pump my gas as the thought
Of all the shit she put me through, but I was glad
I had a reason to go see her now
Other than to lay her down
I got a reason to treat her like a voodoo doll with this bait I found
I made the sound of screeching tires as I pulled out of the station
Mind racing for the placement of my rage, I was impatient
Movie in the making
So I punched the dash and my front windshield cracked
Made it harder to see what was in front of me
But I mashed on the pedal, stomping through the floor
With a leak in the door
The wind whistled like a missile in a war, or a bullet from a pistols bore
Reached under my seat for a bottle of whiskey and took a shot
While my stomach was in a knot, nerves shot
I mulled over the plot
"When I find this bitch, I'll put her in a [?]lock, with a rope and a sock
Duct taped on her mouth and make her look at a clock
And every second, I'm going to pop one of her boyfriend's fingers
With a vise grip, while he's screaming at me, "No! Stop!"
When I make it to his knees
While he's tied to a metal chair, with radio wires hooked to a live battery
I'm going to grab his head and make him stare at you
While you drill holes in his kneecaps with a screw
And this is only preview to scene 2!
Take 1




"Look up at the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!"
Is it a game? Or is it insane?
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