Wyclef Jean - Slow Down Lyrics

Wyclef Jean Lyrics

Slow Down Lyrics
Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one

We cry for peace (uh huh)
But we live for war
When you start the wire taps
Down in baltimore (but I'm still slangin brigs where I live)

Some time she love me
Some time she love me not (doin ten now my girl turnin tricks at the crib)

Evil lurks
In the heaven 'neath the skys

I seen two birds
Crashin thru to new york giants

I wish katrina spoke french at the quarters in new orleans

Please don't rain on my people

Whered the hope go
Whered the hope go
I see the whole world turnin to a war zone (what)
Ain't no love in the city (that right)
Keep your vest on
Guns and roses welcome to the jungle
On the flip side she's shakin' her back side (shake it for me)
That's the only way tuiton gon' come by
He got a crush on mary jane
Unless you got
She ain't doin her thing

You know you gotta slow down
Young girl
Unless you slow down somebody gon' crash
Come on you know you need to
Slow down
Young girl
Unless you slow down somebody gon' crash

If you livin in the street
You know you livin free
And if you ain't you doin time like me
Thugs with the heat are the coldest ones to meet
We flyin high but still can't touch the sky
With all the conspiracy you doin ten at the least

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