Wyclef Jean - Peace God Lyrics

Wyclef Jean Lyrics

Peace God Lyrics
I'm only eight
I got no choice but to sling crack

Yo who you pushin weight for
Dog I ain't no rat
Cause rats get found in the back of garbage trucks
With they mouth taped up
Lookin like sittin ducks
Well you don't look like a sittin duck and your mouth ain't taped up
What more small the market, Clef
You get stuck up
With what
From a fiend
I just bought a twenty-two
Now it's funny you should say that
Cause the gun looks bigger than you
Now get your ass back in the house
Shut up!
From BK back to NJ
Crouchin tiger style
Let's go

[Continuous Humming]
Feel it
Feel it
Peace God
Peace God
You gave me the voice to speak, God
Speak God
Wyclef Jean bout to hit the streets hard
Peace God
You gave me the voice to speak, God
Masquerade- my message to the streets, y'all
Yo peace God
These words came from a revelation
Whether you free or you going through incarceration
Inhale, exhale herbal meditation
Put the fire arms away
Cause we don't want no confrontation
Not me, I'm talkin bout you jerk
Cause when you die your life ain't even worth the paperwork
So, peace God, even through war we bring peace
And after the blood shed then your first son deceased
And you will understand I'm the beginning of the end
The alpha, omega, the present, and the future
So hold on to your winchester
Cause the hollow tip penetrate lead through your polyester
Peace God, even though we ice the wrist
Guzzle the fifth
Protect us with a crucifix, Lord
And bless me with an extra clip
So just in case one jam release my twin from my waistband

[Chorus x 2]

Ay, yo peace God
I ain't tryin' to see the graveyard
But in this game of life I was dealt the wrong card
I wasn't born this way it just came to be
Sellin crack through a alley where the fiends rally
Where the dealer was the president
And the fiend was the voter so they voted for the government
And stick ups was only natural
It seem every other day a new gun pointed at you
Peace God
Yo only God got the answer
And sorry bout ya mom dyin of cancer
But congratulations, I heard you no longer a runner
You a big man now, the black Tony Montana
But watch out cause I heard wealth bring envy
Trust me I did sing for the Kennedies
Until we meet again feel my words through my pen
And stay pure in the city of sin

[Chorus x 2]
[Chorus x 2]

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