Wyclef Jean - Men In Blue (No Airplay) Lyrics

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Men In Blue (No Airplay) Lyrics
Yo, the Brooklyn Bridge is going to collapse yo
Yo, this is Wyclef Jean the Refugee Allstars up in here
The CNN for the world
Yo what's this I here about the police in Brooklyn?
Turn this jam up yo
Yo this is the type of jam that be getting No Airplay
I want the whole world to hear this joint right here (apocalypse baby)
Yo this is the type of jam that be getting No Airplay
You asked for it buddy, here it comes...

[Wyclef - Hook - 2x]
One, two ; watch out for the man in blue
Three, four; I keep it raw and hardcore
Five, six; you're beating us with nightsticks
Seven, eight; I'm forced to pack a thirty-eight
Nine, ten; you put me in a pen
if I could do it all again, I'd probably bust your chin

[Wyclef - Verse One]
I'm from a land of black bats, alley rats and cats
Scratch up my car, set me up for the carjack
Under pressure, I've got a legal gat
Two straps, a total of sixteen caps
Say something positive? More positivity
More positivity, more police brutality
Thugs get angry, the violence increase
You want peace, make Wyclef chief of police
Riding through the hood it's the same old story
It's either you play ball or you drug dealy-dealy
Standing on the block when the spot gets hot
Guaranteed to get set up, by a crooked cop
So I'm sittin back, rhyming on instrumentals
Anything I touch, it turns monumental
Me and Jerry Wonder, we keep it credible for the streets
At the same time we've gotta eat
When we commercialize it's to enterprise
We're guaranteed to sell a hundred mil before we die
But Jerry is broke, that's the situation
Nine-seven, it's like no more eviction
No more war milk, no more government cheese
Police keep on shooting at our bulletproof Bentleys

Yo this is the type of jam that be getting No Airplay
The Brooklyn Bridge is about to collapse, apocalypse
This the type of jam that be getting No Airplay
The ghetto is fed up, we got the arms in the air

[Hook - 1x]

[Wyclef - Verse Two]

Hey yo, back on Earth, the party's still at the Tunnel
on the West side of the river, what man quiver
Rats get fed to the alligator
Gun blasts equivalent to the bombs in Pearl Harbor
Rescue choppers, Brooklyn turned to Hiroshima
I'm driving to Jersey to escape the terror
I was on the highway pushing a black Viper
A car pulls up, is he a jack or a sniper?
A blue Range Rover, he says pull over
I didn't know he was a DT undercover
I screamed out my lungs, 'This is discrimination!
What's the charge?'
He said, 'You just robbed a gas station'
'Who me? Not me! It couldn't be,
I was at the Grammy's with L-Boogie, didn't you see me on TV?'
'B.S.!, you're all in the same gang'
He ran me off the road, like he was Roscoe Pe-col-trane
I stayed calm, gave him a hell of a show
Cause if it's ever time to go, all I gotta press is turbo
Heard him on his walkie, road block on 280 West
Things got serious, that's when I bust a left
U-Turn, my tires burn, my concern, was the truck
comin head-on collision waited a second, changed position
Close one heh, I almost went up in a blaze
Running from what appeared to be a masquerade
You know the story, it's the same old math
In Brooklyn, police put a plunger up a man's ass!

This is the type of jam that be getting No Airplay
The Brooklyn Bridge will collapse son!
This is the type of kam that be getting No Airplay
Police brutality needs to stop!!!


I'm out!
Wyclef Jean, CNN...CNN...CNN! (Where Brooklyn at?! Where Brooklyn at?)
Can't forget Jersey though baby!
Police brutality is all around the whole world,
we really need to chill all of that out...

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