Wyclef Jean - Hollywood Meets Bollywood (Immigration) Lyrics

Wyclef Jean Lyrics

Hollywood Meets Bollywood (Immigration) Lyrics
[Intro: Wyclef Jean]
Good morning America
I wanna welcome y'all to Egypt, the land of the pyramids, yeah
We got the UK in the house, U.S., India
Jerusalem, people in Israel, shalom~!
In the New Jerusalem, Jersey, ya HEARRRRRD me
China, Africa, South America
My people in Russia, I see y'all in Brooklyn
Canada, Asia, okay, let's go - yeah
Hollywood to Bollywood
Get ready India, I'm coming!
Wyclef, Chamillionaire, talk to them

[Chorus: Wyclef (Chamillionaire)]
Bounce (when you hear the sound of them si-rens)
Bounce (when they pull them guns cause they fi-ring)
Whoahhhh, mucho trabajo
Poquito di-ne-ro, I can't take this no more
I've got to BOUNCE! Ah-ma-na-mahh, na-ma-na-mahh-ya-lalee
(When you're on the run you'll get numb see)
Whoahhhh, let me help you a-mi-go
Hollywood meet Bollywood and Brooklyn on the drums

[Verse 1: Wyclef Jean]
Marco Polo was an immigrant (yes he was)
Columbus was an immigrant (yes he was)
Even America was named after an immigrant...
... yes he was!
People in the East (right here)
People in the West (right here)
People in the North (right here)
Let me tell you 'bout the South
Harriet Tubman, Underground, Underground Railroad
ReFugees, in de seas, see them in they sailboats
I got love for Miami all day
But if my Cubans get to stay, why y'all turn my Haitians away?
Immigration knockin at my do'
I don't know what they knockin fo'
It's so hard to live as illegal aliens
Talk to 'em!

Ladies and gents, Bollywood meet Hollywood
You in the middle
Back to Cairo

[Chorus: last five words changed to "Chamillionaire, Texas go! "]

[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
Partner named True, did you say he was next?
Tell him let's better, rally aimin to get
No green card but he made it to Tex-as
Yes, they evadin arrest
You need one he can get you three
Never gettin caught was his specialty
Livin life like he was a ReFugee
Didn't like him, give a F-U-C
K, ay man he had to chase it
Clock kept tickin so he had to race it
Had to make it, back to basics
Followin the law, naw, had to break it
Can't get a job, no applications
Need money now, no havin patience
Now they got him runnin in faster paces
You lookin through the water - hey, that's The Matrix

[Interlude: Wyclef]
Immigration knockin at my do'
I don't know what they knockin fo'
It's so hard to live as illegal aliens


[Outro: Wyclef Jean]
Ladies and gentlemen, straight from Bombay
You experiencin the great composer Ab'dish
When Wyclef show up for the first time
Bollywood meet Hollywood
Over 250 violins, let's go Haiti!
We everywhere, geyeah
Carribeans stand up, bring me my elephant~!

You wanna hear me speak Punjabi, okay
[Punjabi] Okay [Punjabi] What's next?
[Punjabi] Okay [Punjabi] Okay
[Punjabi] Okay [Punjabi] Yeah
[Punjabi to end]

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