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Sisi Nene Lyrics
She Goa [X4], no man badder
Se Goa [X4], JaySleek no man madder
Oh Oh, na who born their father
Yeh ohnn...

[Verse 1]
Say this girl try me, she look up and down eye me
See I tell am say she dey try me, cos the way that she whine dey eye me ohhhh
Other guys applying, but she give them declining
I love the way you whining, my baby baby whining

Oya sisi nene roll am, whine am for me roll am
Let them know sey you you hold am, na you sabi roll am

[Verse 2]
Ojo.. mawomi make you tell them no be so
Sheba wolo lenu woje coma jo oh..
I love the way you put in on the floor..
Omoge joo..
Oya oya oya

[Hook 2]
Sisi nene rowanla [X4] funmi
Sisi nene jomala komala rowala Fun [x2]

[Verse 3]
Sisi nene dance for me, don't let them know
Say baby nene, grind down low
I say I love my sisi nene
Cos the way that she whine dey catch my beach [?] nene
Oh no no yeah
Up and down she go [?] I carry her on my show now
I just dey finish my show now
And she make make wey go now say


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