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Roxanne, Roxanne Lyrics
Yeah, what's up man?
There goes that girl they call Roxanne. She's all stuck up
Why you say that?
Cause she wouldn't give a guy like me no rap
She was walking down the street so I said "Hello
I'm Kangol from UTFO." And she said "So?"
And I said "So?!? Baby don't you know?
I can sing, rap, and dance in just one show
Cause I'm Kangol, Mr. Sophisticata
As far as I'm concerned ain't nobody greater
From beginning to end and, to beginning
I never lose because I'm all about winning
But if I were to lose, I wouldn't be upset
Cause I'm not a gambler, I don't bet
I don't be in no casino, and baby while you knizzow
The izzi is the grizzeat Kizzangizzo."
I thought she'd be impress by my devious rap
I thought I had her caught cause I'm a sinister trap
I thought it'd be a piece of cake but it was nothing like that
I guess that's what I get for thinking, ain't that right, black?
Then crizzi to gizzone and seen number izzone
Crizzin ricking tizza of mizzac mic dizza
With the bang bang, brother I feel bad
But I ain't comitting suicide for no crab
But calling her a crab is just a figure of speech
Cause she's an apple, a pear, a plum, and a peach
I thought I had it in the palm of my hand
But man oh man, if I was grand I'd bang Roxanne
Roxanne, Roxanne, can't you understand?
Roxanne, Roxanne, I wanna be your man
You Kango, I don't think that you're dense
Buy you went about the matter with no experience
You should know, she doesn't need a guy like you
She needs a guy like me, with a high IQ
And she'll take to my rap, cause my rap's the best
The educated rapper MD will never fess
So when I met her, I wasted no time
But stuck up Roxanne paid me no mind
She thought my name was Barry, I told her it was Gary
She said she didn't like it so she chose to call me Barry
She said she'd love to marry, my baby she would carry
And if she had a baby, she'd name the baby Harry
Her mother's name is Baby, which is really quite contrary
Her face is really hairy, and you can say it's scary
So isn't not every, her father's a fairy
His job is secondary, in some military
He throws them to an ?electric camp? that wasn't voluntary
His daughter's name is Sherry, his sons are Tom and Jerry
Jerry had the flu but it was only temporary
Back in January, or was it February?
But everytime I say this rhyme it makes me kinda weary
It's only customary to give this commentary
Some say it's bad, some say it's legendary
You can search all you want, try your local library
You'll never find a rhyme like this in any dictionary
But do you know, after all that
All I received was a pat on the back
That's what you get, it happened to me
Ain't that right Mixmaster I-C-E
You thought you had a rose, you thought you was Cupid
But EMD, your rap was plain stupid
I know you're educated, but when will you learn?
Not all girls want to be involved with bookworms
You gotta be strong in a way she can't resist
So educated rapper, huh, bust this...
Since she's a new girl on the block
I had to let her know that I'm the debonoir Doc
I said "I'd like to speak to you if I can
And if I'm correct your name is Roxanne."
She said "How'd you know my name?" I said "It's getting around.
Right now baby you're the talk of the town
Please let me walk you to the corner, my rap will be brief."
She said "I've seen you before, you look like a thief."
I said "Me? The Doc? A hood, a rock?
Running around the street robbing people on the block?
Nah, that's not my style, that crime I'm not related
As far as I'm concerned I'm too sophisticated."
Then it seemed I got busy cause she cracked a smile
That let me know my rap was worth her while
She said "You call yourself a doctor?" I said "This is true."
She said "Explain to me really what doctors must do."
I said "This is very rare because I don't say this every day
There's a million medical skills a doctor displays
Dermatology is treatment of the skin
Infected and you'll see me and you'll know you're again
There's enthesiology, opthomology
Internal medicine and plastic surgery
Orpedic surgery and pathology
A disease involves a change of the body."
She said "Ooooh, that's very unique."
Gave me her number and kissed me on the cheek
She said she had to go but be back by 8
So to call her at 9 to arrange a date
Did you take her to the beach?
That's what we planned
But she stood me up, Roxanne, Roxanne
And here's our gameplan
The beat is here, so we will reveal it
[Kangol & EMD]
And if you think it's soft, then Roxanne feel it!
[beat boxing and scratching]
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