Top Cat Theme Song Lyrics

Top Cat Theme Lyrics

Top Cat Lyrics
Top Cat!
The most effectual!
Top Cat!
Who's intellectual!*
Close friends get to call him "T.C.,"
Providing it's with dignity!

Top Cat!
The indisputable leader of the gang.
He's the boss, he's a VIP, he's a championship.
He's the most tip top,
Top Cat.

Yes, he's the chief, he's a king,
But above everything,
He's the most tip top,
Top Cat!

Top Cat!

(*Seems to be some debate, but should be:
"Who's (contraction) intellectual!",
not "Whose (possessive) intellectual close friends..."
Top cat is intellectual, his close friends are not.)

[Thanks to scottiejarrett7 for correcting these lyrics]
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