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Tina Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jasper]
Niggas at the f*ckin' mall, niggas where my f*ckin' drawers?
Think I'm happy? Think I'm sad? Bitch you f*ckin' know my dad
He wears his pants up in his ass, touch his ass, grab his dick
You's a fag, you like that shit, O.F. is the f*ckin' click
I'm goin' off the top of the brain
Nigga don't know how to rap but I'm in the game
F*ck that shit, I don't give a f*ck
I'm back up in the f*ckin' club, niggas know I'm at the mall
Eatin' chips with my drawers, how you doing? How you fall?

Swag, swag, swag, swag
Tina perm your f*ckin' weave

[Verse 2: Tyler]
Eat my ass, lick my balls
Bitch I'm in the f*ckin' mall, with my niggas eatin' ham
Bitch I got that f*ckin' swag, you don't know my f*ckin' dad
I don't know my f*ckin' dad, what is this a f*ckin' purse?
I ain't f*ckin' Mexican, but we can have sex again
With your sister with no rubber (Alexis' real name is Alex)
What the f*ck? That's your f*ckin' brother? I ain't with that jerkin' shit
Unless it's Steve Harvey's buff sister tryna jerk my dick


[Verse 3: Taco]
I'm with your girlfriend eatin' chips
Um, stop the beat, bitch...
Alright, yeah, nigga, I was in the mall
With my niggas bustin' triggers, yeah, swag


Bitches, hoes, weaves, leather jackets
Bitches, weaves, hoes, leather jackets
Bitches, weaves, hoes, swag

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